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Dr. Janeth Acosta knows skin in great detail. That is why we have selected the best laser technology in the world, perfectly designed to achieve the best results with minimally invasive procedures. Our knowledge, combined with excellent technology, is the key to achieving the best results.

We have the best group of doctors and skin specialists that will help you improve your lifestyle, allowing you to look and feel better, safely, quickly and efficiently.



We always think about the well-being of our patients, therefore, we use the best products on the market, guaranteeing both amazing results and the highest quality.


Our treatments are carefully planned and designed to help us provide top customer service and the best results, according to each individual case and corresponding medical evaluation.


Having the latest advances in technology is one of the most important tools to ensure success and consistently deliver the best quality and the best results.

Dr. Janeth Acosta

María Janeth Acosta Méndez.
Clinical and surgical dermatologist and laser specialist, with more than 20 years of experience.
-Member of the Colombian Society of Dermatology -Founder of the Colombian Society of Laser Dermatology
-Member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology
-Member of the Santa Fe de Bogotá Foundation
-Member of the Medical Association of Los Andes and Scientific Director of ACOFOR LASER.
Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge of dermatology and skincare, the procedures performed by us are effective, safe and minimally invasive.


Cutting edge technology for our patients.

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