A scar is a permanent skin patch that grows over a wound. It is formed when the body is healed after a cut, a scratch, a burn or a sore. Scars can also result after surgery (where the skin is cut), infections (such as chicken pox) or as a result of skin conditions such as acne. The scars are usually thicker, as well as more pink, red or shiny than the rest of the skin.

There are different advanced system laser technologies, fast and effective in improving the texture and appearance of the skin damaged by different types of scars – fractional lasers, such as the CO2 laser and the Erbium laser, that produce a thermal effect on the skin and stimulate the collagen production.

It is indicated for scars caused by

  • Acne
  • Surgery
  • Accidents or trauma.

It is an outpatient procedure that requires a prior preparation of the skin and specific care after the procedure.

There must be an examination and follow-up by the dermatologist. The number of sessions and the intervals between each session vary depending on the type of scar and the area to be treated. Results can be seen after the first session.