These types of lesions are one of the largest consultations in dermatology, frequently related to skin aging and sun exposure. Solar lentigines are the most common, presenting as brown maculae on the face, back and hands.

Freckles are smaller spots, usually congenital and often found in people of white ethnicity (clear skin phototypes).

The treatments depend on the types of lesions and can vary from depigmenting creams, filters and sunscreens, to treatments with Q-switch laser from ND YAG, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

Your dermatologist will help you decide the best course of treatment according to each case evaluation in order to get successful results.

Topical treatments

 (Kojic acid)Phytic acid

Tranexamic acid

Azelaic acid

Retinoic acid

Citric acid (vitamin C)

Illuminating peeling

Tranexamic peeling

 ND YAG Q-switch laser

A laser treatment specifically designed for lesions such as lentigines and freckles, with excellent results in just a few sessions.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

Indicated in patients of clear phototypes with extensive areas of lentiginous spots such as forearms, décolleté, shoulders and back.