The Q-SWITCH laser technology removes black and colored tattoos. The beam of light penetrates and fragments the pigment of the tattoo exposing the ink so that the same organism eliminates this foreign substance naturally.

In general, the dermatologist will determine the number of sessions required and their frequency.  It is an outpatient treatment that may require local anesthesia.

The following care is generally required:

  • Sun avoidance

  • Abstain from use of steam rooms and saunas

  • Minimize local irritants

The use of sunscreens and healing creams is recommended.

The time needed to remove the tattoo depends on the variety of pigments used, as well as the size and location of the tattoo.

In general, black ink tattoos require fewer sessions than other tattoos. To ensure healthy skin and proper removal, allow the dermatologist to assess and recommend the best option for each tattoo.